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How can ARK help me get my cat or dog spayed or neutered?

ARK's primary goal is to help reduce the number of unwanted cats and dogs through spay and neuter procedures. Our programs that assist the public with this include:

1) $20 Off Incentive Program. Anyone may obtain and use a $20 off coupon by clipping one from the local newspaper, printing one from the ARK website or clipping one from the top of an ARK brochure, which is available at several area businesses. This coupon can be used at any McCurtain County veterinarian's office and will save you $20 off of the customary cost. ARK reimburses the veterinarian's office for the sum of all $20 coupons at the end of each month.

2) Low Cost Spay and Neuter Clinics. ARK provides these clinics throughout the year, roughly once a month. A licensed veterinarian and veterinary technician travel to a mobile site within McCurtain County to perform all medical procedures while ARK volunteers take care of all other general duties. This allows the vet to perform a larger number of procedures at a lower cost to the public. Low Cost Clinics are designed to assist people with low incomes, fixed incomes, or those with multiple animals. There is often a waiting list to get into a clinic so we recommend that you call 580-236-2275 and get your name on an appointment list well ahead of the time that your pet will need to be spayed or neutered. ARK accumulates names and moves down the list in chronological order (excluding emergencies due to pregnancy) and will call you to go over details with you when we reach your name. If your pet comes into heat or gets pregnant while waiting on a list to be spayed, please act promptly to use a different spay and neuter program or notify ARK at 580-236-2275 so that we can help you establish a good alternative to unwanted puppies or kittens.

3) Voucher Assistance Program. To help address the overpopulation of large breed dogs in McCurtain County, ARK has a special grant available at times. If you have a large breed dog or any dog that is pregnant or in heat and your family's income level is relatively low, you may call us to see whether you qualify for voucher assistance under this grant. If so, we collect information from you, establish a co-pay amount, and mail you a voucher that you may use at one of the vets in McCurtain County anytime during the next 30 days.