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Weather Tips

In hot weather our pets need protection just as we do.
If you have an out side dog be sure to give it an insulated dog house and a rug/blanket to lay on. Be sure to place the house in a spot that is shaded all day long and on high ground so it will not flood during a heavy rain.
If you have an inside dog be sure to leave a fan on or windows open if they are left alone in the house.
Outside cats will also need some type of housing. A small dog house is ideal with a rug or blanket in it. Keep in a spot off the gound with the house in a cool and shady spot.
Provide plenty of protection from rain, sleet and wind. Fresh, clean water and food for any outside animals. That includes horses, goats, sheep, cattle and rabbits.

Animal Care and Information Links

The American Socetiy for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Promoting the protection of all animals
Nationwide site to find a best friend! Plus animal care information.
For information on low-income spay/neuter programs all across Oklahoma

Local Links/Other Links

Beavers Bend

McCurtain Gazette

McCurtain County Historical Society

Watch for the picture of Milo, the Jack Russell Terrier Mix as the end! Click the link below.