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                                                  FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ)
Please click on the links below: 

- How can ARK help me get my cat or dog spayed or neutered?

- I live outside of McCurtain County. Can I utilize your Low Cost Spay and Neuter Programs?

- Can I still get my dog or cat fixed if she is in heat or pregnant?

- What should I do with a stray animal?

- I have LOST or FOUND an animal. How do I make this known to the public?

- Does ARK have a shelter where I can take animals that I find or can no longer keep?

- I am aware of an animal abuse, neglect, abandonment, or starvation situation inside McCurtain County. What steps do I need to take?

- I just witnessed someone dumping or abandoning animals. What can I do?

- If I adopt a pet from ARK does it HAVE to be spayed or neutered?

- What does it cost to adopt a pet from ARK?

- Is the adoption fee adjusted if a pet was already fixed prior to being relinquished to ARK or if its vaccinations are not current at the time of adoption?

- If I adopt a pet from ARK that is too young to be vaccinated for rabies, can I bring it back when it is old enough and have the vaccination administered at ARK's expense?

- My pet is in need of medical treatment and I cannot afford to take it to a vet. Does ARK assist people with this?

- Does ARK provide food to pet owners?