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***All questions must be answered***
Thank You.
Please understand that we take each circumstance on a case by case basis. Answer all questions and your adoption application will be considered.

Today's Date

Full Name
(First and Last)

Spouse or other party name
(First and Last)

Home Address
(No PO Box)

City, State, Zip

Home Tel#

Cell Tel#

Work Tel#

Email Address

Place of Employment
(Name and address)

What is the best way and time
to contact you?

What is your age?

What type of animal are
you interested in adopting?

Which pet are you
interested in adopting?

Why do you want to
adopt a pet?

Does anyone living in your household
have any known allergies to animals?


If so, what kind of allergies?

Have you owned a pet before?


What pets currently
live in your household?

Are your pets kept indoors or outdoors?

Please tell us about any pets you have had in the last five years and if you still have them.

Are your pet(s) spayed and neutered?


If not, please explain why.

Are your current pet(s)
 up to date on all vaccinations?


If not, please explain why.

Do you have a veterinarian?


If so, please identify:
Name/Clinic, Phone number,

Will you allow above named Vet to release information regarding all current and former pets to Animal Rescue and Kare?


Does everyone in the household know you are planning to adopt a pet?


Do you own your home, rent your home/apt, or live with parents? 

Own your home
Rent your home/apt
Live with parents

If renting, who is your landlord
and give their phone number.

If you rent, does your landlord allow pets?


How long have you been at this address?

If you have children please list their ages-

Do you have a completely
fenced in yard, if so what
kind and how high?

If the cat or dog will be allowed
outdoors, how do you plan
to make it clear to the animal
 that this is its new home?

Do you plan to let the pet roam on your property? If so, how many acres?

If you need to move, do you have a plan in place to keep your pet?

What behaviors would you consider
unacceptable in your pet?

How would you correct these behaviors?

Do you agree to keep your pet on a
leash while outdoors and off your
property as required by local
and state laws? 


Do you agree not to restrain your pet outdoors with a chain or rope?

Do you understand that a yes or no answer to any of these questions will not necessarly determin if you can adopt a pet from us? 

Where will the pet stay when alone?

Where will the pet sleep?

If you travel, do you have somone to look after your pet?

If outdoors, what kind of shelter will be available to protect the pet from the elements?

Who will financially support this pet?

Do you plan on spaying or neutering the pet you want to adopt (if not already altered)?

Are you prepared for the costs involved in properly caring for a pet (ex. food, treats, toys, grooming, shots, etc.)?

Do you agree to Return to this pet to ARK if you are unable to keep it?


Do you agree to pay the adoption fee for the pet? 
($50 per cat and $ 100 per dog)


Please list at least 2 References (must include name, phone number, and address)

How did you hear about Animal Rescue & Kare and our adoption services?

Do you understand that ARK makes no profit from these animals and the adoption fee is only to cover some of the animals medical expenses?

Have you adopted a pet from us before or any other rescue organization?


If so, which pet did you adopt from us?

Which other rescue/organization have you adopted a pet from?

Anything else you think we might need to know or you want to tell us?

If you are not a local adopter, would you be able to pick up the pet?


All of the information I have provided is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I agree to provide the pet with adequate food, water, shelter, affection and medical care.


Do you understand that We reserve the right to refuse any adoption to any person for any reason?