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I have LOST or FOUND an animal. How do I make this known to the public?


-  We use Facebook for our lost and found animals. Please contact us on facebook or by calling 580 236-2275. When contacting us, please provide the location and date the animal was lost or found, breed, gender, age, color, identifying marks, collar color, and whether or not it has been spayed or neutered, and a photo.

- You may also call in to the free Trading Lines and Swap Shop shows on our local radio stations KBEL (286-6642) and KKBI (584-3388 or 1-800-998-3372).

- You may request a free Found ad or purchase a Lost ad in the classifieds section of our local newspapers.

- Consider making a poster with a photo and information to post in public areas.

- Give a copy of the poster to animal control officers, veterinarians, and area groomers. These are all good contacts and places that people think to check.

**Never rule out a pet that could be yours by the location alone where it was found, as one trip in a vehicle can take it completely across the county or even out of state.

**Please make sure that all of your pets have identification tags visible on their collars. Many people will take the time to check on a wandering pet if they see a collar and tags.