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Does ARK have a shelter where I can take animals that I find or can no longer keep?


No. All of ARK's animal care is done in private, residential foster homes by volunteers who take responsibility for the animals until they can be placed in new homes. Unfortunately, there is no quick and easy solution for unwanted animals.  If there is no space in ARK foster care, we may ask you to continue caring for the animal while we look for a home.  If you are unable to care for it or find someone who can, we may have to discuss euthanasia as a last resort. The POSITIVE side is that once ARK commits to taking an animal, we usually commit to keeping it until we find a home for it. In contrast, when you drop an animal off at a shelter that takes all animals that are brought in, you get it off your hands right away, but the animal may be euthanized immediately or after a short waiting period, if not adopted. ARK's limitations are the same as a shelter - limited space and resources that are insufficient to support all of the animals that need care. This is the reason we may suggest euthanasia if we cannot immediately take your animal and you cannot help by caring for it temporarily. We greatly appreciate any investment of time and money that you make to help us reduce the suffering of our local homeless animals.